Café Numérique is an event where passionate people regularly meet and share ideas, and where we actively promote innovation, initiate the most people to new technologies and facilitate networking around the world. We can summarize a Café Numérique in 3 words: LEARN, NETWORK, ENJOY!

Our events are organized by local teams once or twice a month. These teams choose a topic, look for speakers and a place to welcome their community.
Attendees experience Café Numérique in an informal atmosphere we like to describe as tech events between the Bar and the Conference.

Café Numérique was launched october 21st 2009 at Mirano Continental in Brussels, Belgium. A year later, you could already find Café Numérique in other cities such as Liège, Mons, Namur, Charleroi. The growth continued later and goes on.

After 6 years, Café Numérique events are now one of the most widely attended technology gatherings in Belgium. Today, Café Numérique is crossing borders to become an international network of passionate communities about technology and innovation.

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